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Welcome to the European Algesiology Society

Welcome to the Europäische Algesiologie-Gesellschaft e. V.

(European Algesiology Society)


The treatment of pain is a sign of a state’s level of civilization. Our focus is on the patient himself with his dignity as a human being, despite his chronic illness.

We are a "non profit" society for the distribution of information and protection of pain, both in Germany and in Europe. One of our goals is to convince Berlin and Brussels that the “European Charter on the Rights of the Patient” has to be officially approved.

One of our concepts is to connect all national and european activities in this area to achieve an improvement of pain management and treatment. Therefore we fight that only qualified physicians with an approved specialization in the therapy of pain are treating patients with chronic pain diseases.

As a society we offer our members a program to improve their daily struggle in life. We offer assistance in: Psychological and sSpiritual monitoring of patients and families, supervision of support groups, additional instructions to physicians, medical students, paramedics and other workers in health care.

We know that people who suffer from a chronic pain disorder are, as a side-product of their illness, often afflicted with financial problems, depression and a general mental and social instability. They often retreat into their shell, want to be left alone even though the isolation and the ongoing depression make them suffer even more.

To us, taking care of people means to teach them how to help themselves. This has been the reason why our first president (Dr. hc. Marina Gobbin-Cevales) and our vice-president (Dr. in med. and chir. Rüdiger Cevales) created the Europäische Algesiologie Gesellschaft e. V. to assist chronic pain patients during their agony.

We want you to understand that:

  • You are never alone.
  • You can learn strategies to deal with chronic pain.
  • You can reintegrate yourself into society.
  • You can live a life in dignity.


To reach these goals, we help our members to:

  • regain their quality of life.
  • return to their field of activity.
  • avoid apathy, hopelessness and isolation.
  • learn strategies to cope with the pain.
  • exchange their experiences in the support group.
  • know that we protect their rights as a patient.


Our five pillars for the treatment of pain are:


1. Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy to maximize the physical functioning of the body.

2. Optimization of medication to prevent a pain memory.

3. Acupuncture as a stimulation procedure.

4. Support groups.

5. Psychological counseling.

1. President: Dr. hc. Marina Gobbin Cevales
2. President: Dott. med. Enrico Rüdiger Cevales

Europäische Algesiologie-Gesellschaft e.V.
Dr- Emil-Brichta-Str. 9, 94036 Passau, Germany

Telefon: +49 851 / 490 25 56
Telefax: +49 851 / 490 25 49

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.